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Shandong Novista Chemicals Co.,Ltd (Novista Group)


PVC External Lubricant Factory

PVC External Lubricant Factory

भुगतान प्रकार: L/C,T/T,Western Union
Min. आदेश: 1 Metric Ton
प्रसव के समय: 7 दिनों

बुनियादी जानकारी

    मॉडल नं.: TL-74

    वर्गीकरण: रासायनिक योजक

    दिखावट: पाउडर

    रंग: सफेद

Additional Info

    पैकेजिंग: 20kg/bag

    उत्पादकता: 20000MT/year

    ब्रांड: Novista

    परिवहन: Ocean,Land,Air

    उद्गम-स्थान: China

    आपूर्ति की क्षमता: 5000MT

    प्रमाण पत्र: ISO

    बंदरगाह: Qingdao

उत्पाद विवरण

PVC External Lubricant TL-74/70S is based on high molecular, multi-functional fatty acid esters (complex ester). It is white or slight yellow debris free-flowing powder, odorless. It can not be dissolved in water but dissolved in tributyl phosphate (TBP) and trichloromethane. Its melting point is 48-56°C, flash point >230°C, volatiles (96 hour/90°C) <1%. The main application for this external lubricant is transparent sheet, shrinkable film, twist film, calendar film, PVC fitting & valves, pipes, rigid film, foam board etc. Equivalent brand is Loxiol G-74/70S

PVC external lubricant

Tech Spec:



Test Method


light yellow or milk-white flake


Bulk Density, g/cm3


GB/T 1636-2008

Sieve Residue (40 mesh),%


GB/T 2916

Volatile Content ,%


ASTM D5668

Iodine value gl/100g



Viscosity mPa. S(80°C)



Refractive index(80°C)



Flash point °C

230 min

Equivalent Brand:

Loxiol: G-70S

Loxiol: G-74

Package and Storage:

20kg /500kg pp bag with pe liner .

It is not dangerous cargo. You should handle the material according to the instruction described on MSDS. The MSDS is available from sales department once required.

Our regular mark is printed on the surface of package in advance. You should inform our sales person in advance If you don`t need this or have any special demand for mark.

pvc lubricant package and loading

Novista is professional manufacturer for PVC Additives & Polymers, including PVC Stabilizer, PVC Lubricant, PVC Processing Aid, PVC Modifier, CPVC Resin, CPVC Compound etc

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